One of the most impressive, beautiful and inspiring things that I saw on our last trip to Scotland was the wild swimming ritual of the Loch Insh Dippers on the Loch an Eilein.

I’m not about to tell you all the benefits of swimming in cold water, you can read this by yourself in the articles I’ll share here, but I want to share with you through my pictures how I believe people should enjoy their life, nature and great company.

I was out in the morning for some early photography and these “crazy”, beautiful ladies just appeared exactly on the spot, where all the ducks were and where I had spotted my camera. My first reaction of course was – “why?”. They scared most of my objects, but who would suppose that they were actually the objects. They gave me such an energetic kick, that I wanted to jump and start breaking the ice with them (ha, “breaking the ice”, yes). Afterwards I went to speak with them and it was a pleasure to know more about their activities. Some of the ladies are doing this every second day, no matter what the weather is. There are many clubs in Scotland, and not only.

I’ve heard before about the Iceman – Wim Hof and his method and I’ve heard about all the physical benefits of swimming in the cold water, but I’ve never thought about the positive impact for mental health and… all the joy that it can bring. Then I was a teen again, I remembered swimming in the night in the sea, swimming on the new year’s evening in the sea, being with my friends and enjoying life, breaking the rules and the ice. Going into the cold, when all your body screams No. I also felt how much I miss the wilderness of nature in my home and the connection process, so I felt at home just right there, in the Highlands, in Scotland and I definitely found one new home for me. Because, as you know, I have many homes and I love all of them.

See you soon Loch an Eilein, see you soon Highlands and hopefully, see you soon ladies from Loch Insh Dippers Club. I will join you in the water next time!